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Tetra CoolPeel CO2 Laser

Have less downtime with the Tetra CoolPeel CO2 laser

Fight signs of aging and transform your skin's appearance with the Tetra CoolPeel laser. Unlike other CO2 laser treatments, the Tetra CoolPeel doesn't require considerable downtime post-treatment. Instead, it's a highly customizable laser treatment that has the precision to target both delicate and stubborn areas for dramatic results and a shorter recovery period.   

Laser Treatment Areas

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Targets age spots, sun damage, & melasma
Acne scar stock photo.jpg


Reduces acne scars & redness

Skin Laxity stock photo.jpg
Skin Laxity
Treats thinning or crepey skin
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Revives dull skin & smooths texture
deep wrinkle stock photo.jpg

Minimizes fine lines to deep creases

Can treat tired under eyes & eye bags for a refreshed look. 

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How the Tetra CoolPeel Laser works
The Tetra CoolPeel laser is a gentle but extremely versatile laser. As a fractional resurfacing laser, it targets the superficial layer of skin tissue. It removes the damaged layer to reveal younger, healthier-looking skin.   

Patients don't need as much downtime thanks to this laser's advanced technology. It's able to deliver full fractional ablative treatment without thermal damage, which allows the skin to heal faster.  In addition, it has variable power and pulse duration to effectively treat most skin concerns.

Tetra CoolPeel Treatment Results  
After treatment, we'll provide a cooling agent to soothe the skin. Following treatment, you may experience dryness or redness similar to a sunburn for 1-3 days. As healing quickly begins, you'll notice brighter, smoother, more even-toned skin.  
Results for the Tetra CoolPeel are progressive. Your skin will heal rapidly and in 3-6 months, the deeper layers will heal and fill in with collagen for long-term improvements. Touch-ups or additional treatments may be necessary and will be advised by Rejuvenation's staff.  

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To learn more about Tetra CoolPeel CO2 laser, Call 971 263 7679 to schedule an appointment or fill out an appointment request.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Cool Peel CO2 Laser


Is Treatment with the CO2 Laser Painful?

Discomfort is minimal during a Cool Peel treatment. We often use a topical numbing cream before the laser treatment to increase comfort as the laser is fired. Anesthesia is not needed.


How Much Does Treatment with the CO2 Laser Cost in Ann Arbor?
To ensure each patient receives an accurate quote for their procedure, we like to meet in person and discuss treatment goals before providing pricing information. We’ll provide a detailed estimate during your consultation. Typically prices start at 800-1200 dollars per treatment. Combined treatments with RF Microneedling double the results with significant cost savings.


Am I a Good Candidate for CO2 Laser?
If you want to improve the appearance of your skin, you may be a good candidate for treatment with the Cool Peel laser. This treatment is safe for most skin types and colors. Minimize sun exposure before your treatment. Some patients with darker skin tones may be better suited for a different treatment option like microneedling or a chemical peel. Learn more about your candidacy for treatment with the CoolPeel laser at a consultation.


When Will I See Results?
Results are visible shortly after treatment with the Tetra CO2 laser. Most patients start to see early changes in the skin’s appearance within one to two weeks. Full results take time. The skin’s appearance will slowly improve over three to six months after treatment. 


How Much Downtime Will I Need After Laser Skin Resurfacing?
The CoolPeel can refresh the skin without downtime. Some other settings on the CO2 laser will require a short recovery period. We can tell you what to expect after we create your treatment plan with many available settings, the CO2 laser can be customized to fit into almost any lifestyle.


Is the Laser Safe?

Safety is our priority, and we only offer treatments that we’ve carefully vetted to ensure they meet our standards for safety and effectiveness. While every treatment has risks, our providers believe the CO2 laser is a safe option for carefully selected patients when performed by a skilled provider.


Can I Get Other Cosmetic Treatments at the Same Time?
We can combine your laser treatment with other procedures, including Botox, dermal fillers, and facial surgeries separated by one to two weeks.


How Long Does a CoolPeel Treatment Take?
Treatment times vary, but most patients are finished with their laser treatment in less than an hour. A full-face CoolPeel treatment typically takes less than 30 minutes. 

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