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"SilkPeel™ has been an invaluable asset to my practice. I have purchased two machines for sue in my medi-spa. My staff has performed over 1,500 treatments and both patients and operators alike say that traditional crystal Microdermabrasion can't be compared to the SilkPeel™ experience. The SilkPeel™ solutions have been very effective in addressing acne, dehydration and hyperpigmentation and bringing about better texture and color to the skin." —Michael H. Gold, MD, Gold Skin Care Center, Nashville, TN

"SilkPeel™ has reenergized my Microdermabrasion practice. Patients see even faster results and eliminating those crystal particles makes patients' skin look and feel better immediately. I also don't like all the particles in my patients' hair or in the air of our workplace. Our business has increased by 50% in just two months, and I've done no advertising. Patients are sending in friends in droves." — Mary P. Lupo, MD, The Lupo Center, New Orleans, LA

"We have evaluated multiple Microdermabrasion systems in our cosmetic dermatology practice and have selected the SilkPeel™ for its unparalleled safety, efficacy and unique ability to deliver topical medications. The patient satisfaction has been overwhelming and compared to other systems which we have used, the patients universally have selected the SilkPeel™. It is now an integral part of our combination aesthetic treatment protocol which includes Starlux photorejuvenation, botulinum toxin and Hyaluronic acid fillers. We are excited about future developments including the introduction of new topical products for the treatment of stretch marks, acne scars, and enhancement of skin rejuvenation." — Vic Narurkar, MD, Bay Area Laser Institute, San Francisco, CA

"The new SilkPeel™ with DermalInfusion is unlike any Microdermabrasion treatment I've had (or performed). The cool, soothing delivery of medications combined with gentle exfoliation gives twice the results as standard Microdermabrasion machines. My patients love their clearer, refreshed skin." — Carolyn I. Jacob, MD, Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, Chicago, IL

"The SilkPeel™ is one of the most useful machines we have used in our office for dermatology and cosmetic treatments. The SilkPeel™ is geared to not abrade past the stratum spinosum layer, maintaining a gentle abrasion that still is protective in the skin. Patients find that the skin heals much faster from the treatment than the traditional Microdermabrasion because of the healing agents delivered and the unique patent-pending design of the SilkPeel™. In my office, patients love the SilkPeel™ and we have stopped using the old Microdermabrasion machines we have. Clinically, we have used the SilkPeel™ effectively for acne, psoriasis, irritated skin and sun damage with no problems." — Lawrence S. Moy, MD, Dermatologist, Manhattan Beach, CA

Our patients have responded so well to the option that we now offer the SilkPeel™ as a primary resource in skin care maintenance. We have found that the SilkPeel™ option gives us the ability to offer the patient a more complete treatment that is specifically formulated to focus on each person's individual needs. With the advancement of the therapeutic fluids, which are being delivered to a deeper skin level during treatment, we also feel that we, as well as the patient, are able to see more immediacy to the results of the treatment." — T.C. Casto, Spa Director, Practice of Jefrey B. Schafer, MD, New Image Cosmetic Surgery, Coronado, CA

"I must commend you on the SilkPeel™ I recently purchased for my practice. I have found its results, efficiency and design superior to traditional Microdermabrasion in treating acne." — David N. Michelson, MD, Cosmetic Surgeon, Oxnard, CA

"SilkPeel™ gives us a really significant therapeutic distinction from non-medical Microdermabrasion providers. Patients see and feel a difference quickly. They feel better right after the treatment and much less "wind burned" or chapped compared to more traditional Microdermabrasion. Results are quicker and better for hyperpigmentation, acne and dry skin. Our aestheticians quickly filled their schedules, and the patients keep coming back for more because they see and feel the results. The machines have been reliable. Up front costs are recouped quickly. Most exciting is the future promise of even more infusion solutions." — F. Richard Noodleman, MD, Age Defying Dermatology, Campbell, CA

"SilkPeel™ has made me the happiest medical aesthetician! All I want to do is SilkPeel™. I feel I'm cheating my patients by giving them any other treatment, as the results are more significant than any other peel. I have yet to SilkPeel™ a single patient who isn't anxious to come back right away for their next treatment. What I love is that SilkPeel™ is fast, simple, there's not a lot of maintenance, and the results give instant gratification. My patients love it and leave happy! One of my rosacea patients came in after an outbreak and saw a noticeable decrease in redness during the treatment and called me the next day in awe of how great her skin looked. I have doubled my income since I implemented SilkPeel™ in my practice. I can't say enough about how great SilkPeel's noticeable difference is. Most of all it makes everyone happy!" — Patti Naganis, Medical Aesthetician

Practice of Steven Struck, MD, Struck Plastic Surgery, Atherton, CA

"SilkPeel™ states it perfectly: my skin feels like silk. I have very dry skin that cannot withstand the harshness of crystal-based Microdermabrasion, which drains the life out of my face. Immediately after a SilkPeel™ treatment, my skin feels hydrated and refreshed." — Hilda Maldonado, MD, Internist, Westlake Village, CA

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