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Most of us see pedicures as a way to pamper ourselves every now and then, usually before open-toe season or an important date with a special someone. The rest of the year, we put our feet through a grueling ritual of standing for hours on four-inch heels or squeezing into the latest trend. Our poor feet don’t get any love. We all know the importance of brushing our teeth and moisturizing our skin, so why do we neglect our feet – two body parts that take a daily beating. We spend hundreds of dollars every year on hair care, skin care, and dental hygiene, but we neglect to give our feet the proper care that they deserve.

Say goodbye to rough, and yellow, brittle toenails. The next time you visit Oregon Laser & Wellness Center upgrade to a Foot Facial that will transform those overworked and unhealthy feet into lovely masterpieces. Your feet and toes will thank you!

A Foot Facial uses more advanced techniques than those used in a classic pedicure. Who Needs A Foot Facial? Everyone. It is a very important part of keeping your feet happy and healthy.

The polish may look pretty, but it is not allowing the nails to breathe. Oregon Laser & Wellness Center will treat the nail condition rather than covering it up. Cost of Neglecting Your Feet & Simple Solutions Unfortunately, most people fail to take care of their feet properly. Many ignore obvious signs, such as odor, yellowish skin, brittle and discolored nails due to embarrassment. The cost of neglecting your feet and avoiding routine care may be the eventual development of a more serious illness. It may result in the spread of bacteria, infections, foot ulcerations, and even more serious problems.

Oregon Laser & Wellness Center offers a simple solution and prevention: A Foot Facial designed by a qualified specialist to meet your foot care needs. It’s important to make this a routine part of a healthy lifestyle. Stop ignoring the obvious and show your feet some love today. Call now to reserve your free consultation . 971 263 7679 or to book online by click on Schedule Now to book online.

A Foot Facial is a 5-step rejuvenating process that will totally renew your feet. It includes exfoliation, chemical peel, mint masque, nail reduction and buffing, and therapeutic lower leg and foot massage. The 5-step process will remove dry dead skin, reduce calluses, tighten and smooth newly revealed skin and leave your feet looking and feeling better than ever! This Foot Facial procedure is recommended every 4-6 weeks.

60 Min- $125.00 / 30 Min- $65. 

This Foot Facial will make you feel like you are walking on clouds when you leave. Never before has there been such a decadent and relaxing experience – for the feet!


We use a new nail file, buffer and callus removal pad each time and they are disposed after each treatment. All other tools are soaking the implement in disinfectant solution.

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