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Lash Lift and Tin

Dark & curly lashes can be yours, even without eyelash extensions! The Lash Lift & Tint service is an updated form of the eyelash perm, with tint added right into the lifting process. This service is perfect for anyone not wanting or not able to wear lash extensions. The results last for about 8 weeks. Perfect for men and women desiring a more obvious lash. Note that individuals with extremely fine and short lashes may not be a good candidate for the lift & tint services

Lash lift & tint, both eyes | $125

Lash tint, upper & lower, both eyes I $35

Lash tint, lower lashes I $25


Lash lift & tint, both eyes, with brow shaping & tint | $165

Service includes 30 minutes of brow work; if more is necessary, it is billed at $25 per 15 minutes | $25 ea 15 min

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